• A little info about me: I love pictures. Taking them, editing them, even occasionally being in them, but especially documenting them. I love stories and photography enables me not only to tell yours, but preserve the moment for others to enjoy and for you to reflect back on. Additionally, and in no particular order, I love dogs (especially mutts named Harvey), peppermint mocha lattes, zone bars, traveling (Scotland & Italy are my favorites at the moment) and my supportive family and friends.

  • I feel so fortunate to be able photograph the beautiful families around the Triangle (who knew there were so many in just one area!?), chubby babies (the chubbier the better I say!), and gorgeous couples ( in pre and post wedded bliss) – but am willing to travel, especially if it’s tropic or the locals speak Italian.

  • Location? No studio for me. I like to get out there in the trenches with you – so really this means parks, streets, even your home – anywhere with good light and perhaps a perch for me to stand on since I’m on the short side. If this sounds like your cup of tea, then you should email me for availability!

I love meeting newly engaged couples at my home office