Duke Chapel & The Cotton Room Bridal Portrait

St. Patrick Gown & Bouquet by Tre Bella Bridal

So imagine the temperature is in the low 40s, there’s a strong wind gust made all the more biting since you’re standing in a archway, which is essentially a wind tunnel. There’s no sun, so you’re not getting any warmth there, and you’re in a strapless gown. Now, go look gorgeous. Sounds a bit torturous, right? In fact, a passerby even commented to me (in my winter coat, boots and turtleneck), “Wow, she’s beautiful, but that looks like torture.”

Ashley should have gotten an Oscar for not only her ability to act like she wasn’t freezing, but also looking gorgeous in the frigid December weather.  She made a beautiful bride this day, and somehow managed to be even more stunning on her wedding day.

Time to head indoors to get her warm!

I loved the light from the windows in The Cotton Room.