Bret + Ashley: Engaged

Fall engagement sessions are in full swing and with good reason – the lighting this time of year in North Carolina is beyond gorgeous and when you throw in a couple as sweet and beautiful as Bret and Ashley, you get one of my favorite sessions.

I met with Bret and Ashley, as I meet most of my couples, in a coffee shop, and noticed right off the bat that their enthusiasm – for each other, their family & friends, their wedding – it’s contagious. I felt wrapped into their pre-wedded bliss and I the more I got to know them as a couple, the more and more excited I became¬† to shoot their wedding at The Sutherland. But since June is still a ways away, for now, I’m perfectly content to shoot their engagement session.

We met at Joyner Park (if you follow my blog, you may notice my obsession with this park) which lucky for me, Bret and Ashley had scouted beforehand and became equally obsessed.The lighting (did I mention I loved the lighting?) was perfect, and they showed up ready to rock this shoot. I had so much fun hanging out with them and can’t wait for June 2013!

  • Bret said:

    Nice work Laura!

  • So beautiful!! So happy to be a part of designing Ashley and Bret's wedding day as their Event Designer! The images are so pretty!